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John Marino

Friday, June 17, 2011

Every day is Halloween

For those of us who love, live, and look forward to Horror, everyday is Halloween.  It never ends.  We read about it, watch it, or write it each and every day.  We do all year long what normal people only do during the month of October.  We are the ones that are psycho enough to deal with blood, gore, and the supernatural on a regular basis.  For us it never gets old and never loses its luster.  I’ve managed to bring my family into the darkness with me, especially my wife.  We once rented nine horror movies on a Saturday night and watched every one by Sunday afternoon.  Just the other day we sat through four low budget films on one dvd she bought for me in the bargain bin.
God I love my wife!
The rest of the world doesn’t understand us, and those that know us; apprehensively accept our love of gore.  I know I’ve had more than a few people look at me sideways wondering if I am all there.
I’m not, and I will be the first to admit it. 
Who in their right mind cheers for good kills in the movie theatre while most of the audience is grossed out or cringing?  Who can eat a bowl of past while watching Zombies munch away on human organs and who has the (secret and not so secret) desire to become one of the undead immortal beings known as Vampires? 
Horror lovers that’s who. 
There is a never ending stream of Horror movies and books coming out these days to feed our hunger, our need.  Some days it is hard to keep up on all of the new stuff.   Trust me it wasn’t always like that, pickings were pretty slim, especially if you lived in rural areas. Today with cable, the internet, and plenty of producers willing to put out horror movies, it's a little more mainstream than the old days. 
If you think horror lovers are thought to be nuts now, well we were treated like freaks 30 or so years ago.  My own late Grandmother thought there had to be something wrong with me and my "unhealthy interest in Horror".  Of course she thought I was strange for liking Ozzy as well, even though it was my uncle (her son) who got me into Sabbath.  
So here’s to all of us psychos who love and live horror every day, we get to enjoy Halloween over and over again.  I raise my glass to all my fellow Horror lovers. 


John Marino     


  1. Hear, hear! *raises glass to toast* You put it in such eloquent words, and every bit is true of us who love horror. I am the strange wife, mother, and daughter-in-law with the penchant for wearing black, having a blue streak in my hair, and writing scary tales. Forever misunderstood, and living in a small southern town, I'm used to the glances and looks. It's ok, because I like who I am. And Halloween is definitely my favorite time of year.

    Gore on!

  2. Amber, thanks for the comment and glad you liked the post. Always nice to hear from fellow Horror lovers. Horror rules!!

  3. Nice essay. Horror can be so delicious. :)

  4. Yes M Pax...horror can be so delicious. Especially when washed down with a nice glass of AB negative.

  5. Not only do I cheer for good kills, I boo at the bad ones and have even found myself rating them. One time I mocked some silly girls that screamed during the last Jason movie. The kills were so obvious and you could tell when they were coming. I hate obvious. Scare me, don't warn me. Hee hee. Oh and hey, I have a vampire that prefers AB positive over any other blood. :)

  6. Jezri Booing at bad kills....I like that. I might have to start that practice up.