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John Marino

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Santa's Slay Review

Santa's Slay Poster

Santa’s Slay 2005
This movie was a sleeper for me.  When I saw the DVD at WalMart, I had never heard of it, but being a wrestling fan…yes I’m one of those, and no…I don’t think it’s real, I had to own a movie where Bill Goldberg plays an Evil Santa.  I expected it to be low budget, which it was.  What I didn’t expect was for it to become one of my favorites that I must watch from time to time. 
The premise is a millennium ago, Santa (who is really a badass killer dude), made a bet with an angel played by Robert Culp.  The wager was over a curling contest and Santa was forced to change his evil ways and become the kind soul we all know and love.  Time has run out on the wager and Santa is back with a vengeance.  In the first three minutes alone, Santa kills James Caan, Fran Drescher, Chris Kattan,  and others. 
Way to grab my attention!!
Santa’s not done there as he wreaks havoc on a town in search of revenge on the Angel who bested him.  I love this flick.  It doesn’t take itself too serious and injects campy humor throughout while scaring little kids with the image of a nasty giant Santa coming for them.  David Steinam, who worked on Cast Away and Red Dragon, did a great job with this one as Director/Writer.    
The cast also Includes Dave Thomas, Saul Rubinek, and Douglas Smith, so there is no shortage of talent involved in this production.
If this isn’t in your collection you do yourself a disservice.  Run out and find it, nuke some popcorn, and enjoy this humorous low budget horror with the All Star cast.

John Marino

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