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John Marino

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

Having Coffee

Reading about riots over a sports game!?!?!?!???

Boss says I'm pshycotic because when lightning struck 30 feet from us I yelled "Yeahhhh!!" and pumped both my fists in the air like Rocky on the Philadelphia steps while he tried to make himself smaller.....I pointed out that trying to avoid the bolt after it hit was pretty much useless.

Wondering what monster I would prefer to be


I think I would actually get excited to see the King of Monsters cresting a hill in the distance


Of course that wouldn't be as cool as seeing this

Hmmm just dawned on me. My son comes home on leave in 5 days from the sandbox

Time to get the BBQ going and cook the ribs he likes.

Guess to day it's not all about Horror for me.  I'll get back to that tommorrow.

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