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John Marino

Friday, January 28, 2011

Shout out to a hard worker

I feel the need to do a shout out to someone who has been busting his ass to create and maintain a site for us Horror writers and fans.
Matthew Kremer.
In a short time, approximately a month, he has created the site, started a contest for a Cannibal Cookoff story, and promoted his butt off. The site has fifty members at the time I am writing this and I am sure that the way Matthew is promoting it, the number will continue to grow.  Matthew's love of Horror is evident, and his tweets about the site are creative and witty.
His enthusiasm is contagious and I expect the Cannibal Cookoff to be a success.

Hats off to you Matthew and thanks for giving us a site we can share our work, connect with others and enjoy reading Horror.

Check out Indie Horror at http://indiehorror.org/

John Marino


  1. I joined IndieHorror yesterday it's been good to see there are other horror writers are out there - and even better to have a place to meet! Good on Matthew!

  2. Julia, yeah I like the site he really has done some good stuff in ashort time. I'll see you there.