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John Marino

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I still find it amazing at how many times I can change what I wrote after declaring it finished. Even after I 've submitted it, I think I should have changed a line or two. 
After I've re-written/edited a piece several times, and I think I'm happy with a story, my wife helps me with the "final edit" She picks out the missed commas and hyphens, the words that spell check misses because they are spelled right but the wrong word etc...etc...
Then I read it again and wouldn't you know it, I change something else. 
"This could be written better"
"I don't like the way this flows."
"Oops I over used that word."
"What was I thinking there?"

All thoughts I have had after I mistakenly figured my story was done.

We all go through this as writers I suppose. It's a kind of self inflicted torture.  Maybe that will be my Hell when I pass on.... editing the same story every day.

For me the editing takes much longer than the first draft.

How about you? 

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