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John Marino

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Most people hate them but to tell the truth, I love having Nightmares.  They are a source of creative inspiration for me; more than once I have used my own nightmares in writing. 
It’s funny but as a Horror lover and writer, there has only been one story in my adult life that ever came close to scaring me.  My nightmares however accomplish that for at least the first moment or two after waking up, then reality sets in and the fear is gone, replaced by the desire to remember my dream so I can use it.
I’ve had nightmares of werewolves and zombies as well as a red tinged world filled with demons.  All of them have been enjoyable since I have been an adult. 
I imagine there must be some other Horror writers out there who enjoy their bad dreams and use them as well.
Are you one of them?
Do you like the feeling of waking up scared in the night?
Do you use the nightmares for your art?

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