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John Marino

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Been busy with work distractions. Doing lots of hours plowing so I haven't been able to tend to my writing or blogging or tweeting, which is kind of frustrating because I have some stories builing up in my head that need to be penned. 

I do want to say hello and thanks to the followers who have been reading and or commenting here. I have been able to check the stats on here and have seen a steady increase in viewing since I started this. I've met some good people in the last couple of months and have enjoyed interacting with them and learning about writing etc... 

The Cannibal Cookoff is coming up as well as the Cookbook at Indie Horror ( A link to that site is on the right hand side of the blog.) I will be working on entries for both and look forward to reading all of the stories that enter. If you haven't entered yet...what's keeping you?

Also the blogfest at this blog is coming up February 16th.
Should be something fun to try.

Anyways that's what's happening in my corner right now.

Thanks for stopping by.

John Marino

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